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ramma Per Musica seeks the drama that is possible only through music; that confluence of emotion and ​reason through sound and language. This search has led them to the Italian, and Italianate, works of the 17th century, where composers and librettists sought classical models of musical expression and theatre and created the first Dramma per musica (Drama through music). 


Dramma Per Musica’s formal debut was as part of the Brighton Early Music Festival’s young artist scheme in November 2018 and they have since then performed both in UK and internationally in festivals such as the Lake District Summer Festival and Utrecht Early Music Festival as well as Chapel Royal in Hampton Court Palace. Their return to the Brighton Early Music main festival 2019 led to their radio debut performing live on the BBC Radio 3 In Tune show.


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Dramma Per Musica
Dramma Per Musica, BREMF 2018
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